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Free Cell Division Crash Course

Only For 2023 Sec 4 Pure Bio Students!

[100+ Students Have Gotten Theirs]

Do you HATE cell division because:

  • SO much tedious content, can't memorise!

  • Your school rushed through it, leaving you with many doubts

  • You feel lost as you never got a good foundation

Maybe it's these CONTENT issues:

  • Identifying mitosis/meiosis stages 

  • Confused about changes in amount of DNA and number of chromosomes

  • Don't understand crossing over, independent assortment

  • So many difficult terms 

If you answered 'yes' to the above, this crash course is for you. I've cut out clips from my lessons on important cell division concepts - so you can quickly go through them as a "crash course" and fix your doubts ASAP.


Convenient. Easy to watch. Infinitely re-playable.


Fun analogies for you to easily understand those "super hard" concepts like independent assortment

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Includes my very own memory shortcuts for you to memorise faster and recall easier in exams


  • This will expire in 2023 and is only for Sec 4 Pure Bio students taking Os in 2023.

How do I access it?

  • Enter your favourite email address below and a copy will be sent to you (This is to make you're a real person)

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Simply Enter Your Email Below And A Copy Will Be Sent To You.

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You'll then receive an email (on gmail, it might be found in your 'promotions' folder).

Can't press the submit button/Having issues receiving it? Email, and I'll help you out ASAP.

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What Students Are Saying About The Crash Course:

Cell Div Review
average rating is 5 out of 5

It's detailed and has analogies to help visualise the info and understand it much better :)


average rating is 5 out of 5

i loved the videos a lot! really helped me give so much of clarity as schools usually go at a fast pace, so an in depth explanation was so useful. and the fact that the videos are always accessible makes it chefs kiss. thanks so much keefe!!!! ❤️


average rating is 5 out of 5

Hii.. i ve watched all the vid.. it was really very useful.. like some of the concepts have not really been taught in my school like individual assortment, and i was very confused abt them. But after watching the vid, i could understand them better. Also, the graph qn was my school ws, but i didnt know how to do it even after the teacher went through it. Now can undertand it.. u were very detailed on how to draw the line as well.. for this topic , i was unsure of how to write the ans , but after watching the video , i know the way to ans and keywords to include..
I was also very confused with chroma terms. But now got a clear pic of it..
U were very detailed in ur explanation, which helped me understand meiosis better as it was confusing bfr... thanks for the vid..!!!


average rating is 5 out of 5

Hello Mr Keefe!!
I found them very helpful in understanding common misconceptions on mitosis and meiosis
It really helped to clarify my doubts regarding the topic!
Thank you!!


average rating is 5 out of 5

hi! i've watched ur lesson clips and i think it's SUPER helpful! ur memory hacks and analogies are all really unique and it helps make understanding the concepts and remembering it a lot easier. it also stands out alot and i find that while trying out practice questions on cell division after watching ur videos i actually can understand the question better and know what points to write in order to get the marks. I actually watched some of the videos on ur ig page and quite a lot of the tips are things i haven't been doing so i think those will rlly help with my bio too!
thank you sm for sharing this google drive with me it rlly helped alot !!


average rating is 5 out of 5

hi mr keefe :)
ive watched almost all the vids and i really appreciate the fact that you break down the terms and relate them to easy to remember things like how to remember what are asters. In your explanation you also colour coded and showed the visual steps on what happens at each stage so i think that was really helpful because before i was quite confused about what happens at each stage and the changes etc


average rating is 5 out of 5

Hi Mr Keefe,
I’ve watched the videos on your crash course for cell division and I really really found them very helpful. Some things I loved about the videos are that it is so well explained and structured and it is very easy to understand, especially with all the drawings etc. I also loved how well it was being explained and honestly it has really cleared all my doubts on this topic. It has really covered the full content really really well. I love the fact that for the 2 processes, you have one video that is brief and another that is detailed, really helps for revision ( especially last minute ones )
The diploid vs haploid analogy was really helpful too as it can be quite confusing at times.
Honestly, overall it was a really good series of videos and was super helpful, and it has really helped to clear all my doubts regarding this topic. I really look forward to your upcoming contents ( on a side note, I really really love your content and is super helpful and easy to retain )
Thank you once again 😃


average rating is 5 out of 5

The clips were very useful in my understanding of the cell division concepts😍
1. Helpful in understanding the differences between chromosomes, chromatin, chromatids and daughter chromosomes. It’s not as confusing as compared to my school’s elaborations.
2. Annotations and elaboration on the chromosome and DNA graph is quite beneficial (it’s slightly difficult to understand the graph without the video’s explanation). Moreover I find that the questions asked in the video stimulates my brain to think while watching the videos.
3. Lots of analogies that really aid in my understanding of the concepts
4. Overall, addresses all the necessary concepts required for exams.


average rating is 5 out of 5

Hi Mr Keefe, thank you so much again for the lesson clips!! I find it really helpful as you use simple words to explain the terms for mitosis and meiosis, unlike what i learn in school because it only feels like as if foreign words with long definitions are thrown at me for me to memorise them all.(eg the chroma terms which really confused me at first) I also like how you draw them out with colour because i am a visual learner. My school notes are always just black and white, and the bio textbook is so lengthy that i only feel discouraged. The lesson clips also include small memory hacks like the ones in your notes and reels, making it so much more easy and fun for me to learn.


average rating is 5 out of 5

hi! i’ve watch all the clips from the google drive. would like to mention some things

1. i really like the analogy given to help better understand the concept (eg. homologous chromosome is like the same person in a parallel uni)

2. the diagrams drawn are really specific in details which really helps to visualise the entire process

3. the clip for independent assortment really helped me to understand how does it leads to genetic variations (esp the bridging of different possibilities)

4. the explanations were explained in a simpler manner as compared to tb & notes which helped me to understand the entire chapter properly

to sum up, the clips were really helpful & they’re all in sectional clips making learning more specific & easier for me to target my learning


average rating is 5 out of 5

the lesson clips really provided me with a deeper understanding on the different terms used in cell division, I feel that all my doubts have been clarified just by watching all the clips and now I know what to include in my answers after watching the videos
thank you so much and I really appreciate the clips 🙏


average rating is 5 out of 5

the videos on how chromosome no. and DNA amount changes during meiosis/mitosis was v helpful for me as my bio tcher didn't rlly gave us a full summary so the explanation was super clear! highly recommended :)


average rating is 5 out of 5

Tysm. I liked that qns types were given and there were long detailed descriptions for me to understand. The videos are also vv clear to me.
This really helped me understand more about mitosis and meiosis.
This crash course was vv explainable and understandable, easy to go back and convenient all-in-all.


average rating is 5 out of 5

The videos were very helpful! I managed to have a better understanding of meiosis as the examples that you gave made it easy for me to understand how the number of chromosomes and DNA can be different. The example to understand the difference between diploid and haploid were also very interesting, keeping me engaged while learning. Thank you!


average rating is 5 out of 5

i just finished going through the lesson clips. In the lesson, the analogies used were very useful. They were simple to understand and they illustrate the concept in a much more simplified manner, making it easier to visualise and understand the concept. The use of acronyms also make it easier to memorise keywords and since there is constant reference to the acronyms when explaining the concepts, it helps us to really memorise the acronyms and ultimately the keywords. Concepts were also explained in a very detailed and concise manner, by breaking down the concept and explaining them in a step by step manner, ensuring that we do not get lost in the midst of the large amount of content. In conclusion, it was very helpful for me to really understand cell division. 👍👍


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