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Many students have been asking me “What’s the best way to study for bio?” and “How to study for my upcoming bio exam?”


Such a deep question cannot be answered in a single page, so I’ve written an entire eBook on this topic. Here it is!


I’m not charging anything for this, because I’ve been in your shoes before. How I wish there was something like this given to me back then…


It would’ve certainly made studying a whole lot easier!

This Exclusive eBook Will Reveal:

  • How to memorise content LIKE A BOSS (it's way easier than you think)

  • How to score FULL MARKS for open-ended questions (yes, it's possible!)

  • A cheat sheet of keywords for every topic (students LOVE this)

  • Exam hacks to unleash your highest scoring potential (school doesn't teach you this)

  • And much, much more!

What Students Are Saying About The eBook...


i really like how the guide was very honest and straight to the point. eg. it was clear that with hardwork comes success. it brought out stuff that my teachers did not highlight such as the FIRED method (they usually teach us CER which doesn’t really help if we don’t know how to do the E part), additionally it also taught me to be exam smart and weighing what type of questions should be done first and what questions can be sacrificed. personally for me, i can get the content down well and it is usually my section a that pulls me down by a bit, when i review it again, it seemed like my answers were too lengthy for a structured question and in some of my answers, when it got the last few sentences, there was lack of focus to answering the question// did not have much of a link to what they were asking// missed out some keywords at the back, leading to a deduction of marks that could be salvaged. i really like how you used the assessment book model answers as usually when i refer to it for marking in my tys, it is usually very lengthy and hard to understand. (and my teachers in school usually tells us to write more) overall, “it’s a great guide! thank youu so much!!will refer to it often!! :-)



I like the 'FIRED' technique the most. After reading through this guide, I have a much clearer view of the answering techniques- I believe that with this technique, I will be able to focus better on how to write short and relevant answers with specific keywords, which is something I have to improve on. Also, I really like the column where all the important keywords in every chapter is written clearly, this would be a great help in my revision.

~T. Yi Ting


I like that there were specific questions in the guide and the way to tackle and break down the questions were very clear. It’s like a tutorial on how to analyse a question which is very relevant to exam skills. The guide is also very comprehensive as there is both content (keyword cheat sheet) as well as study/exam tips.

Jolie L.


I loved the FIRED methodology and I think it is so useful. This manual gives me hope about my biology. I specifically like the section about how to get full marks for OEQs and I can’t wait to use all these tips for my upcoming EOYs.

~Anna C.


The part about giving up on low-value questions really set me thinking about it. If I were taking an exam right now, I would never ever ever give up on any questions, regardless of its value. But after reading this guide, if I'm ever unable to finish a paper, I don't mind trying it out! Other than this, I agree with all your points and advice! I think this a very concise guide and it will certainly (and has) helped many students with their academics. Thanks for making this! Cheers!

~Gwen L.


From this, I had learn skill that no one had teach me before. For example, when remembering the definition of certain topic. And I can actually use some of the method like active recall or using flashcard. This is something that no one told me before. I remember during science lesson my teacher would told the students to memorise the definition. But the problem is they did not say how can we memorise it better, so it had always been a problem for me. Another things is about the time management during exam or test. This guide let me know that how to be concise, every times when I do the open-ended question, I would write long answer. Which at the end I did not get the mark and no time to complete the whole paper. So After reading this guide, I had realise my mistake. And aim to change it.

~Grier Q.


It shows many different ways to improve my grades not just about the contents but even strategies used and even our mindsets we should have. Although most people think that knowing the contents and everything is the most important part, I believe that your positive mindsets play a huge role too. It certainly allows me to feel less stressed about biology and confident and determined to do well in bio.

​-Sharmaine L.


I LEARNT HOW TO REVISE. most of the times I’ll ask myself, how to study?!?!!? From this *concise* guide I HAVE LEARNT IT like this was the best! Why is it freeee??? OMG THANK YOU

~Shaifa A.


I like how you even showed the examples of how to do well for questions and put in so much details as well as giving the fun acronyms to remember and also the FIRED technique ! It’s definitely gonna help me :)



it was clear in explaining how to memorise better and the FIRED method helps a lot too. the cheat sheet with the key words for o levels helps in revision and I don't have to waste time flipping my textbook to recall key words. the mcq hack is really good and I learnt that being concise is better than writing more. the guide was pretty helpful, thanks!!



I liked most about the given techniques like the acronyms, flashcards and FIRED etc. I benefited from learning the mindset I needed to have as well as the way I needed to study. But to be very honest, I liked every thing about the guide and it definitely helped me so much :)



I loved the final portion the most, as it’s a great consolidation of what we should avoid during examinations! Other than that, the various keywords needed for each chapter was also quite useful.

~Jovial C.


I really enjoyed the section on “how to get full marks for OEQs”, because I always thought that it’s almost impossible to score well for this topic due to the vast number of qns types there are, but after reading through your notes, I have a clearer picture on the techniques (esp. FIRED) which I believe will help me immensely up till Os and beyond in my studies. 

~Kaitlyn W.


After reading your guide, I'm definitely impressed! It is very clear and concise and there are many helpful tips in there. As an A1 bio student, I was curious to see what other methods/tips other students used in their studies, and realised that I do already currently use many of the tips listed in your guide! This definitely goes to show that your guide is a fool-proof one and it will benefit many who come across it. 

~Gwen G.

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