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Ex-RI Student Reveals The 3 Study Secrets To Ace O Level Bio:

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*5 more spots left in our Sec 4 Pure Bio class for February 2024*

What Students Are Saying About ThatBioTutor:

Dear Student, If You Want To:


Increase Your Bio Grades

Make Studying Bio Easier

Then read on to find out how other students are doing so at ThatBioTutor!


Teaching in class CSLF.png

We strategically revise content with you, so you can:​

  • Fully understand what's taught in school

  • No longer feel lost in the subject

Teaching in class WOACPD.png

We'll teach you memory shortcuts, so you can: 

  • Memorise content-heavy topics easier and faster

  • Build long-term memory

Anwering breakdown website.png

We break down Open-Ended Questions together, so you can:​

  • Learn how to reliably score well in OEQs

  • Gain exposure practicing questions


Both physical and online classes:

  • Choose the one that suits you best!

  • Lessons are recorded so you never miss a single one!


You get all these free bonuses just by becoming a student! 


Done-For-You Notes For Every Topic​

Textbooks and School Notes often have too many details, and it's hard to know what's actually important. That's why I made these concise notes for my students, so you know what to focus on. 

  • All the important content in one place so you know what to focus on

  • Has all my memory shortcuts to memorise content easier

  • Students find this great for revision

ipad note test tube_edited.png

Commonly Asked Questions + Model Answers

Apart from our notes, you'll also get our list of Commonly Asked Questions, and their model answers. Needless to say, students find fantastic for revision.

  • Study smart: Since these have a high chance of appearing in school tests, exams and the 'O' levels, you should get really good at them

  • Commonly Asked Questions for every topic so you don't have to search for them out yourself

  • Includes my suggested model answers so you know exactly how to score full marks

ipad note respiration.png

24/7 WhatsApp Help

Have questions you need help on, but teachers too busy to answer them for you?

  • I help my students with questions anytime throughout the week

  • Pro Tip: Clarifying all your doubts is the fastest way to improve!


Done-For-You Flashcards.

Flashcards are perfect for memorising definitions. Digital Flashcards covering all topics have been made for you so you can start using them right away, without spending hours making it yourself.


Why digital? So that you can use them on-the-go and maximise your study efficiency.


Extra Practice Papers.

I buy and compile practice papers for you, saving students hundreds of $$$ they would otherwise need to spend to buy them.

Our Track Record


Class of 2023

  • 69% (almost 7 in 10) scored an 'A'

  • 96% scored 'A's and 'B's

Class of 2022

  • 64% scored an 'A'

  • 100% scored 'A's and 'B's

Planting Trees!

Every month, ThatBioTutor donates a portion of our profits to contribute to global reforestation efforts through, founded by renowned YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober.

In honour of our students, we plant 1 tree for every student in our class each month. For instance, in May 2023, our class of 42 enthusiastic learners led to the planting of 42 trees:

May 2023 42 Trees Planted.png

About The Tutor

Work WA pfp circle (slightly boosted saturation).png

Keefe Fonseka is the founder and principal tutor at ThatBioTutor, which specialises in helping students sitting for O-Level Biology ace the subject, by equipping them with memorisation techniques, answering skills and exam-smart habits. He graduated from Raffles Junior College with all ‘A’s in the GCE A-Levels. He is currently pursuing a degree in Life Science (Biology) at the National University of Singapore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you teach physical lessons? 

Starting 2024, we now have the option of physical lessons! You choose between coming online or physically.

Q: Do I need to turn on my mic/camera during online class?

Not compulsory! Though I encourage students to respond to my questions via the zoom chat.

Q: Is there a lot of homework? 

No. The weekly homework given after lesson consists of a few questions, and is highly manageable (I don't believe in overloading students with homework when they already have enough from school).

Homework is also not compulsory to do, although highly encouraged.

Q: How many students are there in a class?

The cap for physical class will be around 25 students. Don't be daunted by the number, try it out yourself in a trial lesson, and see why so many students still benefit from our classes. 

Q: What levels do you teach?

Only 1 batch, which is the Sec 4 O-level batch. I do this so I can give my full undivided attention to them. I may open a Sec 3 class in future.

Q: Do you teach combined bio?

At the moment, I only teach Pure Bio.

Q: Do you teach 1-1 tuition?

No, I have too many students to afford the time to teach 1-1. Good news: Students can ask me questions 1-1 on WhatsApp, 24/7.


Furthermore, I include weekly 1-1 coaching for students who signup for the intensive program (I will explain this to those students who are interested!)

Q: But what if I can’t ask all the questions I want in a group class?

In my experience, my students never face this problem because they can ask me questions 24/7 on WhatsApp. I even take the time to voice message them explanations if the question is more complex.

Q: Can I try just one lesson?

Yes! Trial lessons are the cost of 1 lesson. To apply for a trial lesson, fill in the form via the "Apply Here" button below.

Q: Can I know more about the class fees, perks of being a student, etc?

All class details will be answered after you've filled in the application form! Hit the "Apply Here" button below.



With the right help, bio is easy.

And it could even be your best subject.

If you'd like my help in making that a reality for you, apply by clicking the button below:

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